The 1 Killer Wine Tip You Need to Know for Warm Weather

The 1 Killer Wine Tip You Need to Know for Warm Weather

Good Dry Rosé is the perfect warm weather wine. It can stand up to both lighter and richer fare. It’s refreshing and thirst-quenching. And it’s lesser in alcohol than its red (and many times, white) counterparts. How do we know all this? We don’t. So we brought in prominent wine insider Gabe Sasso to school us (and share his 5 Rosé’s for you to seek out). So read on and go forth to impress clients and friends alike with your newfound WWWK.

In the dead of winter it’s easy to steer yourself towards a bottle of red wine when you take a client out to dinner. The odds are the food is rich and heavy, plus there’s a chill in the air. With spring here and summer fast on its heels, the decision is a bit more difficult. On the one hand warm weather gets people drinking more white wine. On the other hand some people still order foods more appropriate for pairing with red wine.

How do you resolve this if everyone is drinking the same thing? It’s easy; order Rosé. It’s not only a good choice; it’s the best warm weather choice.

To be clear we’re talking about well-made dry Rosé’s, not the sweet stuff known as Blush or White Zinfandel. Properly made Rosé’s are produced from red grapes using the methods associated with white wines. That means you’re getting a wine that has some of the best characteristics of both red and white grapes. And why it can stand up to both veal chops and a cobb salad.

Rosé’s should be served chilled for maximum refreshment. And because of its lighter alcohol content, you’ll be able to reach for a 2nd or 3rd glass without falling from your chair.


Here’s 5 killer Rosé’s to look for:


1. Masciarelli 2014 Cerasuolo D’Abruzzo DOC Rosé ($14.99)

Color: cherry red

Aroma: red fruit with a hint of white pepper

Flavor: refreshing red fruits

Note: Pair with wine with a charcuterie plate or casual bar foods


2. M. Chapoutier Belleruche 2015 Rosé Côtes-du-Rhône ($15.99)

Color: darker red

Aroma: wipe wild strawberry with hints of cherry

Flavor: bing cherry, strawberry, raspberry


3. Hecht & Bannier 2015 Cotes de Provence Rosé ($18)

Color: pale salmon

Aroma: fresh flowers

Flavor: strawberry, red cherry, with bits of orange zest and white pepper

Note: This Rosé is so delicious it’s hard to stop drinking. Plan on going through a couple of bottles when you order this beauty.


4. Presqui’le 2015 Santa Maria Valley Rosé of Pinot Noir ($20)

Color: pale salmon

Aroma: red fruits

Flavor: dry, sour red fruits with a nice spice component

Note: Santa Maria Valley is one of the great areas in California to grow Pinot Noir. Presqui’le makes a lovely range of Pinot Noirs and set aside a special section of their vineyard for the production of Rosé. This is a beautiful example of dry Rosé.


5. Benziger Winery 2015 Sonoma Mountain Syrah Rosé (SRP $26)

Color: bright red

Aroma: raspberry and strawberry

Flavor: red cherry, strawberry with bits of candied apple

Note: This refreshing wine will pair well with a cheese plate or white meats.


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-Gabe Sasso

Gabe is a member of the Editorial team at, a Wine & Spirits Writer at The Daily Meal, The Wine Columnist at and has been writing on his own site Gabe's View since 2007.

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Gabe is a member of the Editorial team at, a Wine & Spirits Writer at The Daily Meal, The Wine Columnist at and has been writing on his own site Gabe's View since 2007.