The 1 Mega-Crucial Business Move You’d Better Start Making


Matchmaking isn’t for just romance anymore, Cupid. So swipe right – and get to fixing up your business colleagues.

The central tenet of is that we’re ALL in sales – whether you know it or not. "Sales" is simply a metaphor for promoting yourself, as well as doing business in the larger sense. And good business is about creating value for others.

The ultimate go-to trick in your value arsenal?

Fixing people up.

This isn't Tinder. We’re talking about introducing people in your business network who will benefit from knowing each other.

And it’s YOU who could wind up looking like a hero.

A good friend of mine recently moved over to the business development side of her company. She attended trade conferences, arranged meetings, emailed like a demon -- and was only making small strides.

At an industry event, it struck her that the person she was talking to would benefit from knowinganother person she had recently met.

So she fixed them up.

Neither guy was a client and she wasn’t doing this to ‘lock them in’. She thought it was a good fit and, hey, maybe create a little personal goodwill.

Fast forward a few months and BOTH are now clients of hers. The power of the match doth burn brightly.

As for procedure, don’t just introduce people blindly on email. Reach out to each party individually first (email is fine).

Say something like: “I was thinking about you and wanted to introduce you to X. I think you’ll really help each other.”

Naturally, the more specificity the better; say WHY are you introducing them. Get each party excited about the fix-up and mutual benefit. You’ll rack up a lot of value points just by the simple act of matching business suitors, whether they make deals or not.

And if they wind up doing business together? In Fútbol announcer parlance:


Take the time to carefully comb through your network to look for potential matches and facilitate introductions. Put real thought and care into this. Cultivate a match-making mindset.

And we’re not saying that putting two parties together will always result in business between them or for you.

Rather, the simple act of THINKING about other people - and letting them know - shows you’re not just interested in ramming your wares down their throats. That alone allows you to stand out. Match-making is the ultimate soft sell for you and your product or service. 

So get out there and strike up a match. Maybe this guy will do the play-by-play for your victory.

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John is Columbia Business School MBA with expertise in marketing, business leadership, and law. John is a successful entrepreneur who took his first company public. He currently resides in New York City.