The 2 Things You Need for a Perfect Cup of Coffee at Home

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French Press. Fresh beans. That’s it - you don’t even need to read on. But humor us anyway.


That’s literally all we need to say about that.



This is the easiest and most delicious way to brew coffee at home.

Drip machines are hard-to-clean mold factories. K-cups are wasteful, expensive and make so-so coffee. And sure, a fancy stainless steel espresso machine is cool, but do you really want to command a beast with a steam cannon at 7 AM?

French Press coffee takes about 5 minutes to make. And the entire press is dishwasher-safe. This Bodum Chambord is our press of choice (less than $30 at Amazon).  

You’ll also need to invest in a grinder. Why? Because FRESH BEANS! This Krups model is very sturdy (less than $20 on Amazon).



1.  Use coarsely-ground coffee (FRESH BEANS!).

2.  Scoop 8 tablespoons into press

     [note: for purists with access to a scale, the exact ratio is 1g coffee: 17 g water].

3.  Pour hot - not boiling – water slowly into press, to just under the metal band at the top.


4.  Let seep 4 minutes.

5.  Place lid on.

6.  Press plunger down slowly. If you feel resistance, your grind is too fine.

7.  Turn top to the pour spout (the tiny holes).


Enjoy the bliss.

Here’s an entertaining video on French Press technique from La Colombe Coffee founder Todd Carmichael:


Another suggestion: make your coffee the night before, press and chill overnight in the fridge for iced coffee. Or even better, shift your caffeine allegiance to cold brew.

Take THAT, green mermaid.

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