4 Rules To Get The Right Suit Fit


Our friends at Combatant Gentlemen enlighten the fashion world with tips to get the right-fitting suit. Business pros having a proper fitting? Non-negotiable!

Rule 1:  The most important part of the suit fit is the shoulders. If the suit hangs below the point where your arm meets your shoulder, then it’s too big (and ask your tailor to fix it). If the rounded part of your shoulder is bulging way past the end of the shoulder pad of the jacket, it’s likely you need a new jacket. 

Rule 2:  Your lapels shouldn’t pop or bow out. 

Rule 3:  At your gut, you want your jacket to feel slim. So there should be a bit of tension when you go to button the top button. 

Rule 4:  Finally, the rear vents in the back of your jacket should never flare away from the body (we don't care how much you squat). Your blazer should be long enough to cover your entire backside.

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