5 Tips for When You are Forced to Visit a Starbucks

 5 Tips for When You are Forced to Visit a Starbucks

Some Biz Pros are immune to the green mermaid's caffeinated call. But sometimes, you find yourself in her royal presence anyway. Here's what to do - when haven't a clue.

If you're like me, coffee isn't the go-to beverage choice. Alas, there are the occasions when the boss/ client/ girlfriend suggests a good ol' cup of Joe. You have to wait in the longest line imaginable, only to approach the BARISTA (yeah, I know the lingo) and feel completely dumbfounded. In order to look like you have at least some general awareness, read this article.

Let me warm you up with this first, because it accurately expresses my feelings toward Starbucks as a 21-year-old dude. I'm sure some of y'all have seen it.

Fun fact: I've never had a drink of hot coffee. I know I'm definitely in the minority but it makes sense that I've also

1) Do You Want It Hot or Iced?drank a glass of milk. But I digress. never

2) What Size?
Similar to the clip above, I didn't know the first thing about sizes at Starbucks.
Heres the list in pure, unadulterated English:
     -Short: This is a SMALL. 8
fl. oz of pure caffeine and sugar!!!
     -Tall: What our grandfathers' generation called a MEDIUM. This one is 12 fl oz.
     -Grande: Crikey, 16
fl. oz of espresso shots and ice!
     -Venti® Hot: Don't ask me why
theres a registered trademark on Venti, but there is, and I don't own it. This size is 20 fl oz. of a HOT beverage. 
     -Venti® Cold: The Venti® Cold is 4 fl oz. more than its hot counterpart, weighing in at 24 fl oz. Interesting stuff folks.


3) Caffeine Level
Do you want it regular, decaf, half-caf (
shoutout to Will Ferrell in Kicking and Screaming)? I never understand people who ordered decaf coffee, but that's another discussion. 

4) Espresso Shots
Starbucks has a variety of espresso drinks, from lattes to macchiatos to mochas and more, I'm not so sure what the differences are in each, so if you're a Starbucks virgin and it's a one-time thing, just stick with a hot or iced coffee.


5) Flavors
Starbucks offers flavor shots to their iced coffee and if you're like me, this is an absolute necessity. I can't stand the taste of coffee so flavor shots are the perfect way to cover that up. My go-to is caramel, but you can get any of the classics: french vanilla, hazelnut, cinnamon.

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