Ask An MBA: Selling A Multi-Million Dollar Deal (Pt. 1)

WHAT'S IT LIKE TO: Sell A Multi-Million Dollar Software Deal (Pt. 1)

What is it like to sell a multi-million dollar software deal?

- James Y. 

Mark Zuckerberg started an empire as a teenager. 

Steve Jobs started one at 20.

So when my sales manager called me a “C-player” and did just about everything to keep me down, I ignored him. Keeping Facebook and Apple in mind, I set sights on building my OWN empire.

(Ok, we're not taking Billions here; more like a multi-million dollar one.)

And I did. Here’s how it went down:

That sales manager I mentioned was a real piece of work. Every month, his “pep” talk would quickly turn into a bash session. When you walked into the office you were greeted by “close the door behind you.” And when I heard those words, it propelled me back to my strict Dean's office from high school. Even how I dressed was fair game.

But I didn’t let him or those sessions beat me down or extinguish the inspiration from Zuck or Jobs. Instead, I chose to feel sorry that nobody taught him how to inspire and effectively lead. And went about my business. 

Thankfully, over time, a couple of small deals started to trickle in -- enough to buy some time and meet the people that would help guide me to my empire. Deep down, I knew if I kept working hard the path would light up.

One of those people I met, quickly realized that I had the potential to be an effective business professional. He took me under his wing and showed me the ropes. And most importantly, when I came to him with this BIG IDEA to sell a deal 100X the average company deal size, he told me YOU CAN DO IT.

Empires are built by finding someone that allows you to see the hope inside yourself. 


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