Authentic Italian-Made Shoes at Half the Cost

Authentic Italian-Made Shoes at Half the Cost

Wallet-friendly pricing and excellent quality is why you should check out the shoes at M. Gemi.

It's often said that you should dress up, not down.  Which means the shoes are the most important part of any outfit. The good news is that high-end luxury shoes are coming down in price (think $250 instead of $700) thanks to the advent of exceptionally well done direct-to-consumer shopping. Here's one designer we love: M. Gemi

Every shoe M.Gemi manufactures is made by hand in Toscana, Italy and will arrive on your doorstep in a matter of days.

These Walnut colored Cortese Wingtips go for $278 and will match perfectly with your favorite blue suit.




And if you've been dying to pull off the sneakers with suit look, order M. Gemi Agire ($198)




Added Bonus: Besides looking super sharp at half the cost, your lady will be impressed with your brand awareness. M. Gemi brand is well-known and envied amongst the female ranks.

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