The Best Way to Dry Your Wet Shoes


This pro advice from a New York City shoe repair veteran will keep your most beloved kicks looking fancy.

Besides my wedding ring, my Cadagon Chestnut Antique Shoes from Edward Green are my most prized possession. I bought them 5 years ago for $900 right after a big commission check landed. Like a king putting on golden slippers, they make me feel royal.

Last week between sales meetings, I got caught in the rain.  Much to my dismay, my beloved footwear got covered in dark spots. I’d rather have discovered my car was hit in the parking lot. 

I talked to my local shoe shiner/repair guy who's around 70 and has seen it all in the shoe world.  

Here’s what he said to do if your shoes get wet:

  1. Wipe shoes with cloth
  2. Remove the laces
  3. Stuff with newspaper for at least 2 hours to absorb any moisture
  4. Insert cedar wood shoes ($20 on Amazon)
  5. Put the shoes on your deck or by an open window to air dry overnight (no sunlight)
  6. Apply a leather conditioner the next day

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