How Patrick Sweeney Biked Mount Everest and Lives In His Inner Genius

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It's time to find YOUR inner genius by listening to our exclusive podcast interview with Patrick Sweeney.


Live in your inner genius - Patrick Sweeney

We had the special opportunity to spend time with Patrick Sweeney. His resume includes Olympic Level Rower, 3X Tech Entrepreneur, and the first ever person to bike up to the base camp of Mount Everest over 17,600 ft above sea level. 

In the podcast, we cover some of the most inspirational stuff we have ever experienced:

  • Patrick's incredible life journey from CEO to Adventure Enthusiast
  • Overcoming life's toughest obstacles
  • Finding your passion
  • Mentorship
  • His adventure series "Find the Adventurer Within” at  
  • so so much more

Get ready to be totally and utterly inspired.


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