How to Rock Your Pocket Square Like Don Draper

How to Rock Your Pocket Square Like Don Draper

Don knows style. Learn how to re-create his look...with cardboard.

Pocket squares are so popular they have taken on a new a nickname; squares. Unlike any other accessory, the right square will amp up your style points. But you have to know hold to fold one. Because folding is tricky And that's often the reason many of us sales pros have steered clear.

While there are about twelve official ways to fold squares, we are bringing you the simplest one. And it just so happens to be Don Draper's amazingly awesome "flash of white" look. 

don draper

Here's what you do:

Step 1: Cut a piece of cardboard the size of your pocket, but add a quarter of an inch at the top. (that’s the 'flash of white' part of the square that is exposed)

Step 2: Fold the square in half.

Step 3: Place cardboard template in center of folded square

Step 4: Fold square around the cardboard

Here’s a vid by an old and proper British guy showing the process (so you know it's legitimate):

pocket square

Watch the full video here:

The best part is your new Don Draper square will stay looking good all day. And with a few pieces of tape, it will last several wears. What's Mad about that?

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