Our Favorite Cufflinks by Price Point

Our Favorite Cufflinks by Price Point

They’re functional! They’re ornamental! They make great gifts! Is there anything cuff links CAN'T do? It’s time you un-cuffed yourself from the brazen shackles of buttontry with the ultimate men’s style accentuator. Here are our picks for any budget - or no budget at all, you quota-smasher. Rock these at work to ramp up your sales style.

Under $25


Brooks Brothers Knot Cufflinks

Didn’t know BB sold anything this inexpensive, did you? These rayon knots are attractive and come in roughly 30 colors. Of course, if you buy the cuff shirt at BB, you’ll have to pony up a little more.


$10 (or 3 for $25) at Brooks Brothers.



PenSee Rare Stainless Steel & Red Wood Cufflinks 

We're pretty surprised to find links this attractive at this price.


17.99 at Amazon.



Ox & Bull Trading Co. Curved Cufflinks

Stainless steel with a bullet-back closure. Nice.


24.99 at cufflinks.com.





Banana Republic Plaid Disk Cuff Links

Made of brass hardware with platinum finish, these cufflinks are simply handsome (much like you, you stylish devil).


$27 at Banana Republic.



Ike Behar Men's Mother Of Pearl Onyx Tiger Eye Stone Cufflinks

Holy Mother of Pearl, Ike! We like.


29.99 at Amazon.



Artifacts N Relics Bullet Shell Cufflinks 40 Caliber

These two-tone nickel silver links are made with recycled bullet casings. A great convo starter for the more introverted business pro.


29.95 at Amazon.





Ox & Bull Trading Co. Purple Checker Square Cufflinks

These purple links are mesmerizing. They also come in attractive shades of green and pink.


$55 at cufflinks.com.



Union Jack Cufflinks

These Ben Sherman distressed Union Jacks are my favorite pair of links ever. 


I was so, um, distressed, when I thought I lost these before my wedding that I went and bought another pair. The originals eventually turned up and now I’m some kind of anglophilic link hoarder.


Unfortunately for you, these are no longer manufactured. Hop around on ebay to try to find original Ben’s; they go with everything.

In the meantime, these are a worthy substitute:


$55 at cufflinks.com.


BOSS 'Barry' Cufflinks

Enamel and stainless steel, these beauties feature a concentric design.


$95 at Hugo Boss.




Montblanc Lacquered Stainless Steel Cube Cufflinks

Now, we're hitting the sweet spot - price-wise - for cufflinks. Montblanc makes a variety of simply gorgeous-looking links and these represent the brand well, with a deep blue lacquer inlay.


$170.00 at Bloomingdale's.



Burberry Check-Engraved Square Cufflinks

These cufflinks feature check-engraved enamel squares on a T-bar swivel fastening. Sharp as hell.


$190 at Burberry.



David Yurman Cable Classic Cufflinks

These sterling silver links are a tongue-twister. And an absolute style-buster.


$225 at David Yurman.





LAMBORGHINI Stainless Steel Cufflinks w/ Blue Crystals

No bull – these are gorgeous. And the least costly way known to man to own a Lambo.


$260 at Amazon (Packaged In Leather Lamborghini Gift Box).



ROTENIER "Atelier" Sterling Silver Corkscrew and Wine Bottle Cufflinks

These chic cufflinks are hand-made and a perfect gift for the wine-loving business pro you know (assuming you love them enough to drop 4 bills).



$395 at Amazon.


Paloma Picasso Caliper Links For Tiffany & Co.

Did you know that Pablo Picasso’s daughter is a highly regarded designer? We’re betting that every woman you know is aware of this, as Paloma’s creations are featured at that magical candy land of jewelry stores known as Tiffany & Co.

While she is most widely known for woman’s pieces, her men’s cuff links are more than worthy of your purview; these are statement pieces for your wrist. These links are made of stainless steel with midnight titanium. And they don’t come cheap (did you expect different from Tiffany’s?).


$475 available in store only.




Tateossian Men's "Sartorial Diamond Silver" Black Mother-Of-Pearl with White Diamond Round Checker Cufflinks

Intricate show-stoppers. 


$595 at Amazon.



ROTENIER Hammered Square Cufflinks Set

Hand-made, hammered-square with brushed lapis (an intense deep blue, semi-precious stone).


$595 at Amazon.



Scott Kay Men's Silver Black Sapphire Engraved Cufflinks

Fierce and elegant; these black sapphire/ stainless steel cuffs are a power statement.


$550 at Amazon




The big-boy leagues. Yet, this is a price area where the cufflinks just start to look gaudy. So it's actually challenging to recommend multiple pairs. This is the only pair over $1000 we found that we actually loved.

David Yurman Meteorite Cufflinks

These sterling silver links contain a faceted meteorite inlay. We're not certain what the hell that means - but these are stunning.


$1,100 at David Yurman.

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