The Scary iPhone Hack You Need to Know Now


There's a way for anyone to use important functions on your iPhone -- even when it's locked. Time to change that.

Imagine you lose your iPhone (a totally non-sensical statement in, say, 1994).

The person who finds it could make calls, send texts or even post to social media AS YOU. And Siri is a willing accomplice.

Holding down the home button on a locked phone awakens Siri, and like that sentient genie she will grant your (electronic) wishes. 

Think about this for a second. Imagine a stranger pushing your home button and saying 

Siri - text my Mom and ask for her credit card info.

Mom, seeing your name on the text, assumes it's you and texts back the sensitive info. 

Luckily, this scenario is totally preventable thanks to our friends at

     Tap on the Settings app on your iPhone, and then tap on the General button.

     Scroll down to Passcode Lock and enter your passcode after you tap it.

     Scroll down again, and you’ll see the section title, ‘Allow Access When Locked.’

     You can toggle Siri to OFF here with a quick tap.


[Note: this will disable Siri while your iPhone is locked. But that's really the point here].


And for those of you who've already downloaded iOS 10, follow this lead: 

Tap Settings, Touch ID & Passcode (enter your code), then turn Voice Dial Off.

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