See This Guy? Conor McGregor

Conor MacGregor

Conor McGregor is a force of nature. And we're not even talking about his fighting skills.

What would you say if your unremarkable teenager quit his job and told you he’d be a famous millionaire at 25?

Conor McGregor’s working class parents didn’t react well to the news that their son refused to work any longer at the plumber’s apprentice job they found for him.

Conor grew up on the rough streets of Crumlin and took to boxing as a way to cope with his harsh surroundings. He was uninterested in school but had a passion for fighting. So he woke at 5 am and worked 10-12 hour days as a plumber, then off to the gym to train. When he saw his first MMA fight at 18, he knew his destiny.

He simply refused to go back to the job site so he could train exclusively.

Not that it was easy. In fact, the week before his UFC debut, he collected state welfare checks to get by. And as his confidence grew, so did his determination.

His punches have been measured to land with the literal force of a jackhammer and his kicks are more powerful than the snapping jaws of a crocodile. But what truly sets Conor apart – and made him a rich man today – is the sheer force of his personality.

His razor-sharp tongue, wit, style and trash-talk have led to inevitable comparisons to Muhammad Ali. In fact, his use of “psychological warfare” against his opponents is nearly as responsible for his success in the ring as his left hook.

Not bad for a kid with no apparent future.

As for Conor’s early prediction to his mom and dad, he was dead wrong; he wasn’t a millionaire until he was 26.

But he made sure his parents had enough money so they never had to work again.


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