See This Lady: Madonna


Are you brave enough to follow your dreams?

Madonna is one of the most important pop cultural figures in history.

She’s the fourth best-selling recording artist of all-time (behind only Elvis, The Beatles and Michael Jackson).

She’s created fashions, broken taboos and provoked controversy…all on her way to becoming the wealthiest woman in entertainment.

But it wasn’t always that way.

She was a lonely, rebellious girl attending the University of Michigan with ambition too grand for a college education to satisfy.

So she dropped out and moved to New York City to become a dancer—with almost no money her pocket.

NYC didn’t treat her kindly. In her first year there, she was held up at gunpoint, dragged up to a rooftop and raped at knifepoint, and had her tiny apartment broken into on three occasions.

For years, she worked odd jobs -- from waitress in a donut shop to nude model for art classes -- so she could pay her rent and take dance classes.

She was lonely. She was terrified. She would find herself weeping while staring out the window in her closet-sized apartment. For a time, she even lived in an abandoned synagogue.

But she was also hell-bent on surviving. And each day, despite being, in her words “scared sh*tless”, she literally dared herself to keep going. And that warrior spirit won the battle.

She’s been famous for so long, we take her success for granted.

But she fought like hell to get there.

Fight like hell and Find YOUR Lightning.

It wasn't easy...and this lady fought hard to Find HER ⚡️! ==Follow

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