The Starbucks Hack You’ll Flip Your Lid For

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Lids to cover drinks? What is this, 2013? It’s time to flip that tradition on its you-know-what. Read on to learn of a higher purpose for your cup-toppers.

Whether by clever design or the most amazing engineering coincidence in history, you can use your Starbucks lid as a coaster.

For cold drinks, flip the lid over and place your cup in the center (the cold lid even has 3 notches to hold the drink securely).

And for hot drinks, you save yourself the massive hassle (massle?) of actually flipping the lid. Simply take off the top, place it down face-up and put your cup in the middle.

The result? No more sweaty and sticky rings on your table. counter or desk.

And if you’re prone to clumsiness, leave the lid alone. Just ask for an extra one at the pick-up counter. You barista will nod approvingly.

Green mermaid, you never cease to amaze.

PS: Ever want to know more about who created Starbucks?



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