Too Addicted to Coffee? Try This Trendy (and Healthy) Beverage.

matcha tea

Gives you a zen-like high, reduces your risk of cancer, easy to make & available in bagel form. Yes, please!

Coffee lovers have been migrating to Matcha tea for its ‘calming’ caffeine high and health benefits. Not sure what Matcha is? Neither did I until three of my sales buddies were raving about it a few weeks ago.

Matcha is finely-powdered green tea leaves. It gets mixed with warm water to make the drink; kinda like making a protein shake.

Because you’re ingesting the whole leaf, it's actually more potent than regular green tea. The caffeine gives you an alert calm without drowsiness because of a natural substance called l-theanine (think zen/meditation).  And coffee addicts say Macha actually gives them a better and more focused state -  compared to their beloved coffee-bean high.

Macha also has tons of health benefits. It reduces the risk of heart disease and cancer, boosts metabolism, curbs appetite, and is known to reduce stress levels (that comes in handy negotiating with procurement).

I tried it a few days ago and when the barista asked if I wanted a matcha shoticed matcha or matcha bagel. Then I knew it really had finally arrived in New York, and I could tell you guys about it without getting hate mail.


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