What Your Starbucks Order Says About You As a Biz Pro

what your starbucks order says about you

What you drink tells other people a lot about you. So we consulted the world's top psychologists for this list (full disclosure: the hell we did). So which drink are you?



You’ve got a quiet confidence. You love the thrill and challenge of a deal, and avoid inter-office drama like the plague.



Black Coffee

You’ve been around the block a few times. Sold a lot of big deals to important people and could practically write the office training manual.





You are a high-energy and social person. You love interacting with colleagues and clients, and are quite skilled in business development.



Iced Tea

You could easily be the life of the office, but want to stay balanced and focused on the task at hand. You are on a fast-track to upper management.



Iced Coffee

You are the person that colleagues and clients are drawn to. Well-balanced in your personal and professional life and successful, you are a consistent top performer.



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