When Lightning Strikes: Rosanna Pansino

rosanna pansino


Sometimes in life, you just need to keep moving forward. In Rosanna Pansino’s case, the sweet smell of baked goods made her an accidental internet sensation.

No, she didn’t set a goal of becoming a YouTube star. In fact, she wanted to work in Hollywood – as an actress, production assistant, ANYTHING.

Yet by her mid 20’s, she was living in a house with six roommates, sleeping on a couch – and her career to that point consisted of little more than small parts.

There was one other issue; she never felt completely comfortable in front of the camera.

And that’s when lighting struck.

Some friends suggested she create YouTube videos to get more comfortable in front of the camera. So she took her love of cooking, combined it with “nerdy” interests -- games, cartoons, kid’s shows -- and Nerdy Nummies was born.

Soon, she came to a point where she decided to go all-in on her YouTube channel and invested her life savings of $20,000 into production (amassed mostly from working on and off as a waitress for eight years).

Let’s just say that investment paid off.

Today, Rosanna has over 8 million subscribers, with an average of 75 million views per month. She's written a New York Times best-selling cookbook and now this accidental entrepreneur is launching her own line of cooking equipment.

We never know where a road will take us. But if just get yourself ON a road, that's when sparks can fly.


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