Your New Tailor is Only a Text Away


This new service will save you that inconvenient trip to the local tailor.

There are few people in their 20’s and 30’s who actually enjoy going to the tailor. Their experience is time-consuming, awkward, and the worst is getting changed and unchanged in phonebooth-sized fitting rooms.

So that’s we give mad props to the guys at Air Tailor. With their service, you can get all your tailoring done from the convenience of your couch.

Check out this mega cool demo created by our friends at Esquire:


air taylor


If you're in New York, they will come pick up the item from you. Elsewhere, you will need to send it out with a pre-paid shipping label. You can expect the item back in roughly five business days. 

Note: for major cut and stitch jobs - think tux - you might still want to make a trip to see Guiseppe (assuming your tailor's name is the same as mine).

This Service Will Change the Way You Tailor Your Clothes | Esquire

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