You're Ordering Your Irish Coffee Wrong

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It’s no secret that many business pros run on coffee and booze. Combining these two vices in one glass - by way of an Irish Coffee - is a sure fire way to impress clients. Here's how to order an authentic one.

Step 1.  Make sure the coffee is high-quality and freshly brewed.  So if it’s later in the day, ask the bartender if she wouldn't minding brewing a fresh pot for you.    

Step 2.  Irish Whiskey is a must. Although Jamo will get the job done well, here's your opportunity to try a new irish whiskey. Teeling's is real solid choice, in addition to any of these award winners. PLEASE: No Baileys Irish Cream. In Ireland, if you ordered Baileys they would yell insults at you and order you to run around naked.

Step 3.  Watch the bartenders whiskey pour because it should be about a 2-to-1 coffee-to-whiskey ratio.  If she chinces on the whiskey, the flavor profile is ruined.

Step 4.  Ask for heavy cream. And make sure the bartender doesn't reach for the Whipped cream as it will deteriate the smoothness of your drink.

Step 5.  Brown Sugar only. No white sugar.

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